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When it comes to booking a place to stay for your next hunting adventure in Pike County, Illinois, there are a lot of hunter friendly options to choose from. Known for big bucks, Pike County, Illinois, has been a destination for deer hunter for decades.

“Pike County hosts thousands of deer hunters every year,” said Brenda Middendorf, Executive Director of Two Rivers RC&D. “Thankfully there are a wide range of lodging options for our out-of-town hunters to stay at that cater to our hunting visitors.”

When looking for a hunting friendly location, it’s important to ask each hotel how they cater to hunting clients. Some hotels will offer more parking for trailers, help coordinate processing and taxidermy, schedule breakfast times, offer cleaning stations, and help answer any questions about the area.

“At Green Acres Motel, we always offer a clean and friendly place to stay for our hunting clients,” said Manager, Andrea Hess. “Some of the services we offer that appeal to the hunters includes extra ice, trailer parking, outside BBQ patio, and a place to hang deer to cool them off or process them. Hunting season is a busy time of year for us, so we always want to be as accommodating as possible.”

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Monroe Street Suites is another facility that caters to hunters in Pike County, Illinois, especially deer hunters.  “We have hosted deer hunters for years,” said owner Krystal Musgrove. “All of our rooms can accommodate two people and we are located in Pittsfield, Illinois right in the middle of some of the best deer hunting in the country.  One amenity we offer that hunters really like is an outside storage closet.  If hunters want to keep their clothes and boots scent free, these closets work very well.”

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For information on a place to stay, hunts, and other outdoor activities in Pike County, Illinois, check out the Access Illinois website at or call 217-285-2464.

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