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With a mild summer and plenty of rain, the Fall 2016 deer season in Pike County, Illinois, is looking to be one of the best in recent years. Food plots are full and lush, leading to plenty of food for the deer herd. Does and fawns are healthy and bucks are growing impressive racks.

Gary Harpole, of Harpole’s Heartland Lodge, said “This hunting season is shaping up to be one of the best in recent memory. Two years in a row of ideal conditions has resulted in a very healthy deer herd. We found more sheds this winter and are seeing more mature bucks this summer than we have in years.”

Pike County, like many areas around the country was hit with a couple of hot dry summers a few years ago that stressed the deer herd in many locations. From all indications the deer herd has rebounded nicely and hunters can expect to see more deer and bigger bucks this fall in the rolling hills and river bottom areas of west central Illinois.

“We have had great rain this year in the Pike County area and the farm crops and acorn crops look outstanding.  The bucks are growing impressive racks and we are seeing the best deer numbers and size we have seen in 3 or 4 years.  Deer hunting in Pike County this fall should be very good.”  Said Joel Barthel, Illinois Xtreme Whitetails.

Hunters who didn’t enter the draw need not worry as plenty of over the counter tags are available. Now is the time to get your tag and start making plans to visit Pike County, Illinois, for a great trophy deer hunt.

According to Sandra Butler, Butler Farms Outdoor Adventures, “The deer herd on our properties this year is in great shape and we are seeing more deer than last year.  There is a good mix of does, fawns, young bucks and trophy bucks.  Several good bucks have already shown up in trail camera photos and there is still more time for them to grow.” 

For information on a place to hunt and other outdoor activities in Pike County, Illinois, check out the Access Illinois website at or call 217-285-2464.

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Photo courtesy of Butler Farms Outdoor Adventures

Photo courtesy of Illinois Xtreme Whitetails

Photo courtesy of Harpole's Heartland Lodge


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