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Marshall Collette croppedMarshall Collette is the Mossy Oak Turkey & Whitetail Regional Pro Staff Manager for the states of Michigan and Virginia. He is the Mossy Oak Whitetail Regional Pro Staff Manager for the states of South Carolina and North Carolina. Marshall lives in North Carolina and has been hunting all his life.

At an early age, Marshall started hunting with his father and grandfather for squirrels, rabbits and quail. Today he enjoys turkey and deer hunting. He is semi-retired from the construction industry and now enjoys hunting several states each year.

Marshall has competed in turkey calling contests and is a past state turkey calling and owl hooting and gobbling champion in North Carolina.

The National Wild Turkey Federation has been a big part of Marshall’s life and he has been an active volunteer worker for the organization for many years. For the North Carolina chapter of NWTF, he served as president for two years, secretary for two years, vice president for four years and on the board of directors for fifteen years. In 2011, Marshall was inducted into the North Carolina NWTF Wild Turkey Hall of Fame, the highest award one can receive in North Carolina.

In addition to his work with the NWTF, Marshall has been a Pro Staff member with Quaker Boy Game Calls for over fifteen years. Marshall’s voice can be heard in the Mossy Oak Turkey Thug powered by Quaker Boy Line of Calls commercials on the Outdoor Channel and Sportsman & Pursuit Channels.

Marshal loves to introduce kids and first-time hunters to the sport.

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Alan Benton Jr cropped-2Alan Benton is the Mossy Oak Whitetail Regional Pro Staff Manager for the states of Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas and Louisiana. Alan joined the Mossy Oak Pro Staff in 2016.

Alan lives in McDonough, Georgia, and is a sales rep for Boral Building Products. He was taught early in life to hunt by his dad and friends. He says deer and turkey hunting are his favorite types of hunting, but he also likes to hunt dove and quail and bow fish.

Alan is married and he and his wife Taniell have one daughter. He says some of his most memorable hunts have been with his daughter Kendall. She took her first deer at age 8 and has enjoyed hunting ever since.

Helping others learn to enjoy hunting is Alan’s goal as he takes on the job of a Regional Pro Staff member for Mossy Oak.

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Mike Monteleone from Westminster, Maryland is the Mossy Oak Whitetail Regional Pro Staff Manager for the states of Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, New Jersey and Delaware. He is an avid hunter, nature photographer and writer.

Mike’s love of the outdoors has driven him to spend most of his spare time hunting, observing, and practicing conservation techniques on many types of wildlife. His love of hunting has taken him all over the world from hunting numerous areas in the United States to Canada and Africa.

Mike has been hunting whitetail deer for the past 31 years and has taken several Pope & Young class deer both in the United States and Canada. He has also taken trophy animals in Africa with rifle, bow, and muzzleloader.

Mike also stays active in several regional and national conservation and archery related organizations. He is a member of the National Rifle Association, Quality Deer Management Association, The Elk Foundation, Safari Club and many more. His goal is to insure future generations have the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and hunting like he has.

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Bucky Hauser is the Mossy Oak Whitetail Regional Pro Staff Manager for the states of Michigan, West Virginia, Virginia, South Carolina and North Carolina. He was born and raised in North Carolina. His father was a great role model and introduced him to the outdoors and deer and turkey hunting at an early age.

After college, Bucky entered the North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission’s Officer Training program. He worked for three years as a Game Warden in North Carolina. During this time he was stationed in western North Carolina and initiated wildlife management programs on several local farms. However, the long hours of working through the hunting season made it difficult to find time to enjoy the outdoors.

Bucky works in the outdoor industry with H&G Marketing as a manufacturers sales representative for various trigger and shooting sports companies. Bucky, his wife and two daughters now live in Claudville, Virginia.

Bucky is also a Pro Staff member for Bowtech and Quaker Boy.

With more manageable working hours, Bucky has found time to travel, hunting across the country and Canada. He now spends much of his free time hunting with his daughters, scouting for the next hunt or helping someone else prepare for their hunts.

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Mike Magrew of O’Fallon, Missouri is the Mossy Oak Whitetail Regional Pro Staff Manager for Missouri, Illinois, and Kansas.

Mike has been hunting the Missouri hills for 30 years and got his start hunting rabbits and squirrels with his father, who introduced him to the outdoors. Mike took his first deer at 14 and his first gobbler at 16. He enjoys hunting Midwest whitetails and turkeys as well as the work that is done along the way, creating food plots, hanging deer stands, and scouting.

Mike also travels to the Rocky Mountains where he spends the month of September calling up elk and chasing mule deer, and bear with his bow. He loves “do it yourself” style hunting out west and has taken several Pope and Young caliber animals along the way.

Mike has a passion for introducing new people to the outdoors and sharing his love for the outdoor lifestyle with young people. He introduced both of his sons to the outdoors, with both of them taking quality animals themselves. Mike is also an active supporter of several conservation organizations including the NWTF and RMEF.

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